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Yacht Deck


  • Membership Application Fee: $100 (Due with application) (Deducted from first year dues if accepted for membership)

  • New Member Initiation Fee: $1500 (One time fee, first year)

  • Annual Dues: $750 (Yearly)

  • Capitol Improvement Fund: $100

  • Entertainment Fee: $120 (Yearly, used towards club functions) 

  • Work or Pay Requirement: $500 (Yearly, fee is waived if work requirement fulfill)

  • MBYCA Dues: $5.00 (Yearly, Mass Bay Yacht Club Association yearly dues)

  • Pier Fee’s: Under 24’ $15.00 per foot, per season (Inside piers)

  • Pier Fee’s: Over 24’, $600 per season (Outside piers)

Step By Step process for joining the Newton Yacht Club:


1) Review the Membership Fact Sheet. These pages contains everything you need to know about joining such as all dues, rates, fee’s, features and membership obligations.


2) Complete and mail the Membership Application with the $100 application fee. Please complete the entire application including the photo. Applications not fully completed will be returned. All applications MUST be mailed as the post date is used for the application date. Please mail your completed application and $100 application fee to:


Newton Yacht Club

P.O Box 95071

Newton MA 02495


3) All applications received will be added by post date to the waiting list. Once your application is reached for membership, you will be contacted by the Membership Committee chairperson to schedule a brief interview. After this interview, you will be asked to appear before the board of directors. The board will host a “meet & greet” with prospective new members, then take a vote to approve new members. Once approved for membership at this meeting, full payment of initiation fee, dues and fees will be due. At this point, you will be welcomed as a new member of the Newton Yacht Club!

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